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So what is BI and how can I use it?

usiness Intelligence is all about making better decisions and improving your business by sharing the results of your analysis with others.

Acceptable Use Policy – Common Myths

When talking to clients and fellow business owners we have found that there are a number of myths which seem to surround the area of employee use of the Internet and email and the consequent monitoring by employers. For example: Personal use of IT systems is a must Many employers seem to be under the…

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Microsoft backs ‘Banning of Infected PCs from the Web’

Scott Charney, a Microsoft Senior Executive, suggested that virus-infect PCs should be quarantined and denied access to the internet. At the International Security Solutions Europe (ISSE) Conference in Berlin, Charney put forward this approach as a way to address botnets and other malware. The approach works much like a quarantine for infectious diseases would. In…

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